Herbal Therapy Scalp Tonic 2

Natural Magical Fluid

Does not contain any preservative and artificial coloring, absolutely safe and effective!

  • Prevents scalp problems while nourishing scalp
  • Stimulates hair follicles and revitalizes cells
  • Protects new hair texture and pigments

Herbal Therapy Scalp Tonic 2 does not consist of any chemicals that damages hair. It is specially formulated from herbs which consist of natural nutrition and medicinal properties for healthy growth from the scalp. For better results, use Herbal Therapy Scalp Tonic 2 with our line of products.

Herbal Therapy Scalp Tonic 2 is a natural herbal gift for maintaining healthy scalp. Thanks to the basic properties and nutrition from herbs, our product works to improve scalp health, prevent hair loss and assists in regrowth of lost hair.

Use Herbal Therapy Scalp Tonic 2 day and night to help improve scalp problems. If necessary, increase application up to 3 to 4 times.

All natural ingredients. Specially formulated.
Original Packaging and Product
Made in Singapore