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Herbal Therapy Scalp Treatment Ampoule

  • $60.00

The Herbal Therapy Scalp Treatment Ampoule, developed with oriental herbs using cold-press technology, offers a concentrated and vitamin-rich formulation designed to reduce hair fall, strengthen weakened scalps, and fortify hair shaft structure. This herbal scalp treatment not only keeps the scalp clean and healthy but also works as an intensive scalp and hair treatment, repairing the scalp and reinforcing hair bulbs. Ideal for those seeking effective scalp treatment in Singapore, this product ensures comprehensive care for your scalp and hair.

For better results, use Scalp Treatment Ampoule with Scalp Care Series (Tonic 1, Tonic 2, Scalp Treatment Ampoule).

Made in Singapore


  • Intensive Scalp Repair Treatment: A concentrated herbal scalp treatment that deeply nourishes and restores scalp health, addressing issues like hair fall and scalp sensitivity.
  • Reinforce Hair Bulbs: Strengthens the hair's root structure through effective scalp treatment, enhancing resilience and reducing breakage to promote overall hair health.
  • Facilitates Growth of New Hair Follicles: Encourages the development of new hair follicles with a specialized scalp and hair treatment, aiding in the increase of hair density and volume, ideal for scalp treatment in Singapore.


  • Remove the aluminum cap, attach the PVC dropper applicator to the vial.
  • Apply ampoule directly onto the scalp and massage gently until essence is fully absorbed. 
  • One ampoule vial is designed to use once a week. 



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