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Herbal Hair Colouring (Black)

Herbal Hair Colouring Series, a hair colouring made in Singapore, is free from harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, unlike conventional hair dye. Formulated with Traditional Chinese Herbs such as Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, and many more, the ingredients contain medicinal properties and are rich in nutritional levels. It contains mostly natural ingredients that are beneficial for treating various scalp conditions, effectively tackles oily scalp, dandruff, hair loss, and scalp sensitivity issues., making it a healthier choice for hair colouring.

Furthermore, the Herbal Hair Mask strengthens the hair follicle, enhances hair growth and repairs broken hair shafts, leaving the scalp nourished and damage-free. After application, the product exhibits a fresh natural herbal scent. This treatment enhances our range of hair colouring and herbal hair dye products, including the black hair dye, renowned across Singapore for its efficacy and primarily consists of natural components that are advantageous for scalp health.

Customers often commented on their experience with conventional hair dyes such as headaches, scalp itchiness, and many more during the treatment process. After switching to Herbal Hair Colouring, they no longer face such issues and the results are highly satisfied. Our hair colouring selection, which includes our hair dye and black hair dye, offers a more health-conscious substitute to conventional hair dyes, catering to customer preferences for comfort and safety.

Also available in colours: Black, Chestnut, Brown, Copper, Mahogany, Burgundy.

Made in Singapore


  • Long-lasting grey hair coverage.
  • Restore natural hair shine and softness.
  • Soothes itching and irritation on the scalp.
  • Stimulate hair regrowth by encouraging hemoglobin production.
  • Prevents loss of hair by strengthening hair bulbs and shafts.
  • Control and minimise dandruff formation.
  • Regulate and maintain healthy oil production.
  • Free from preservatives and harsh chemicals.


  • Mix 50g of Herbal Hair Colouring Powder with 80ml of cold tap water until powder becomes a smooth paste consistency.
  • Apply paste directly onto scalp.
  • Cover hair with a plastic cap and towel to prevent leakage around the face or ears.
  • Use a steamer for 30 minutes.
  • Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.  

*Product is exclusively sold for commercial use.


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