Traditional Herbal Hair Mask - Natural Herbal Hair Care

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Traditional Herbal Hair Mask

Traditional Herbal Hair Mask is a luxurious herbal scalp treatment brewed to perfection that instantly repairs broken and damaged follicles, restores natural shine and silkiness in hair shafts. Enriched with 100% top-grade medicinal herbs, Traditional Herbal Hair Mask is a luxurious, gentle, preservative free formulation suitable for frequent use and for all ages. 

Furthermore, the Traditional Herbal Hair Mask boasts a fully natural, long-lasting mahogany-coloured coverage on grey hair, exhibiting a pleasant fresh herb scent.
Made in Singapore


  • Complete grey hair coverage.
  • Regulate scalp sensitivity issues. 
  • Repairs broken and damaged hair follicles.
  • Restores natural silkiness and shine in hair shafts.
  • Free from preservatives and harsh chemicals.

*Product is exclusively sold for commercial use.


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